Want to have that Asian Glow?

Hydrate, breathe, stay, preserve and brightening pore minmizer. (Photo credits to Mrs. A of

I know you’ve all been dying to get those Korean skin care products out in the market. Who doesn’t right? But you don’t have to go that far! Skip those long wait shipping time or dodge that over priced product. You can have these products ease of access at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. My only trusted facial spa now with their very own skincare line that will definitely give you that lit-from-within glow.

My Skin Origins launched their newest collection of skincare products at their Matina Branch on October 20, 2018. Achieve that healthy and attractive Asian glow, your skin has been craving,  made from natural and organic products infused with korean technology. Listed below are their newest products for you to enjoy. Visible results in just 7 days.


This 60 ml Glowing Peptide Toner Mist costs p320 only. It helps moisturize your skin making it dewy.


This 15 ml Oxygenated Silky Day Cream costs P310 only. You don’t worry about white cast anymore because this product is formulated with color apadt technology to match most asian skin tones. It is a cream to powder with SPF 45 that is light on skin and looks natural.


This 15 ml Glowing Peptide Serum costs P385 only. It helps improve skin texture and elasticity making your skin look younger, healthier and fresher. Say goodbye to those patches on your face because this product is effective for melasma as well.


This 15 ml Glowing Peptide Whitening and Contouring Night Cream costs P310 only. It aids in making your skin appear younger and fresher. It also enhances your face by helping it look more defined and contoured. It also treats acne prone and dull skin.

Brightening Pore Minimizer

Also, in their line is the relaunching of the new and improved Brightening Pore Minimizer which I absolutely like using because it is not too strong and harsh on the skin. It minimizes the appearance of pores, eliminates excess oil and refines the skin. It is Paraben and Hdroquinone free. Packaged in a 100 ml product at an affordable price of P310.


I’m gonna be picking up these products this week and I can’t wait to try them. Vlog about it soon? Maybe.

Available only at Myskin Origins’ Matina and Jacinto branches. Try it and let me know the verdict.

Achieve that Asian glow and start your My skin journey today.

-The Wonder Boy

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