Building self confidence

“Building Self Confidence”

Hey readers! Life update? No update. But I’ve been itching to share with you something. So I’ve been reading some of my past personal articles and stumbled upon this “Social media likes doesn’t equate to your self worth”. I still stand by this and totally agree. I’ve even tweeted about this and how I inspired myself by rereading my old blog post. Is that even possible? To be inspired by yourself? I sound so narcissistic. Most of my friends have been asking  me where do I get the courage? Where do I get my confidence? Believe me I’ve been asking the same question to myself.  But here’s an attempt on trying to narrow it down.

Complimenting yourself

The thing is we are so quick to judge our flaws but not eager to appreciate our assets. Well, I think that is the most common trait among us. Seeing the negative before the positives and it ought to changed. One little step in doing so is facing in the mirror and telling yourself about the positive characteristics you have. Pump up yourself by making a short pep talk. You know the ones you see in the movies where lead actor says “You are great! You are beautiful! You are awesome!” I usually do this every morning after taking a bath. Yup, I am guilty of doing this and it actually helps. It is  a good way of starting your day. By speaking words of optimism and motivation.

Believe in yourself

This may be the most cliche advice I could give you but this is actually quite true. Believing in your self is another secret in self confidence. Why  you ask? Well, it is simple. By believing in yourself and your capabilities you exude that certain confidence that emanates within. If you are confident, no one could take that flare away from you because it is within you.The mind is the most powerful muscle in your body. By thinking and believing you can do it then you shall.  At this point, you are unstoppable.

Take care of yourself

Yup. Taking care of yourself is not only an essential part of your daily living but also a key to boosting your self confidence. By putting an effort and taking care of yourself, it boosts self esteem. You have that feel good moment and thinking that “I am ready for the universe today” because you have put a little extra effort in taking care of your body mentally and physically. Things I do to take care of myself are as follows but not limited to: I chill every once in a while. I jog to relax my mind. I write to escape from reality. I try to eat healthy. I exercise almost regularly preferably atleast 3 -4 times a week. I hydrate 8 glasses of water ladies and gents. And before I forget, one confidence booster I regularly apply on my skin is Acne Perfecting Facial Set by MySkinOrigins. It helps clear out pimples and rejuvenates my skin. By taking this simple but incremental steps in taking care of yourself, you could face the world head on… with confidence.

Haven’t you notice that each of those step ends with the word self. Because confidence should exude from one’s self. Dig deep because you got it. Deep down you got it. You just have to get out of your comfort zone and take that step towards something unfamiliar. One thing leads to another and before you realize it, you are doing something you were once afraid of. And the fear? It disappears.

Be fearless. Be confident.

-The Wonder Boy

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