Beyond blessed

“Beyond blessed”

Last Sunday was a different kind of day. A ‘feel good Sunday’ if I was made to describe it. Not because I woke up to the chirping of the birds and had pancakes with maple syrup sided with an orange juice. I woke up particularly not because of my body clock. I usually wake up on Sundays late because I feel like I have the need to hibernate during weekends.  Like I feel the need to charge for the weekdays and conserve my energy on weekends. Nasa labas na nga ako during weekdays, lalabas pa rin ba ako during weekends? You feel me? Is this ‘adulting’ as they say it is. Longing for your bed or just want to stay at the comfort of your own home. Without a bit of urge or tingling sensation to go out. It’s not laziness but I find it one of the simple joys in life. Staying in.

Before we get side tracked too far, the reason why I woke up particularly early is because I attended an event called “Global Walk”. I was invited by a colleague and said to myself ‘Why not?’. Aside from I haven’t attended such event before, I also haven’t woke up as early as 4 am. I wanted to catch the sunrise. One of the beautiful moments in life.

This 5km Global Walk was initiated by ANCOP, ANswering the Cry of the Poor, a program founded by the Couples for Christ. One of the missions of ANCOP is to help financially challenged students with their education and this is also the purpose of this event. There were a lot of people. I wasn’t expecting this many. It was participated by the said founders, the ANCOP Scholars, Singles for Christ, Youth for Christ, joined with private individuals, companies and institutions.

After the walk, we assembled at MTS, end point, and was greeted by 2 scholars for a brief sharing. One scholar in particular was struggling with his financials aspect of his education. He explained that they were just an average family earning just enough for their daily expenses. Clearly they couldn’t afford college. ANCOP somehow reach out to him and he is very thankful for the opportunity. He exclaimed to the whole crowd “And now I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)“. The crowd literally went wild and applauded him loudly. He now works for a private company helping his younger sibling with his education. A ripple effect to what ANCOP has done to him.

It feels really good to walk for a cause after hearing their testimonials. It feels better to share it with people enthusiastic and passionate in helping. This is what we call social responsibility. Giving back to those in need. Reaching out to people with a helping hand. In these events, I tend to realize some things. Never give up on your dreams. No matter how rough the seas are or how bumpy the road will get. You will get there. Somehow. Keep the faith and he will provide. The universe will conspire. Hope is one of our greatest weapon and we should not loose it. Just like the scholars on ANCOP, whom I salute, who continues to strive hard and achieves excellence. Drawing out real inspiration from this experience. We could do much more. We are truly beyond blessed.

The program was ended with a mass. What a great Sunday indeed.

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-The Wonder Boy

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