5 ways to eliminate pimples

5 ways to eliminate pimples

There are many factors that causes pimples such as stress, dirt and excessive oil that are beyond our control. Pimples have been a cause of crushing confidence and self-esteem of many. One might refuse to go out and socialize due to this. I myself am a victim of this. But don’t fret because here are 5 ways on how to eliminate your pimples.


I’m not that active compared to others but I try to sweat every now and then. I try to go to the gym, crossfit train or jog atleast 3 times a week. Sweating is one way to be healthful but having this lifestyle took a toll on my skin especially my face. You know why? Because I don’t replenish the liquid that I lose. I notice pimples just above my jawline. After looking at the acne face map (a tool to determine the causes of your pimples), I’ve learned that one of the causes of my pimples was dehydration. I don’t drink enough water to replenish what has been lost due to my workouts. Don’t ever forget to hydrate!

Facial treatment

There was a time last year where my pimples just went crazy. They were not massive but they were numerous and noticeable. What helped me eliminate those pimples was going to My Skin Origins facial spa every week. Yes, every week. I had to  go their every week because that’s how worse it is. But after how many months, my pimples slowly vanished. It was not an easy journey but my face has improved. Now, I only go to them twice a week and my facial has upgraded from Acne Facial to Facial Dermabrasion (treatment only done if you have no pimples).

Night Regimen

Those facial treatment would not be that effective without proper enforcement. I got their Acne facial set that costs P850 inclusive of facial whitening soap, facial toner, vitamin a and acne perfecting cream. These 4 help hand in hand to eliminate and tame my pimples. It dries up my pimples and tightens my pores to reduce recurrence. It also helps shed your skin. It has work magic because in months time I can see visible results.

Washing your face

I know this is a simple task but most of us neglect this. Wash your face every night. Regular washing of face gets rid of those bacteria that might linger and eventually blooms into a pimple. Now, we don’t want that. Washing also helps clear oil and rejuvenates your skin.

Powder or Day Cream

Prevention is better than cure as they say and I totally agree with this. Every time I go out, I ensure that my face is protected. I always put a thin layer of powder or day cream on  my face to guard it from pollution and dirt. Plus, it reduces oiliness.

That was my 5 steps on how to get rid of pimples. This may vary from each person depends on your skin type and preference but for me this totally works. I hope you find this article helpful. Stay pimple and blemish free!

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-The Wonder Boy

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