5 reasons why I’d go back to Hijo Resort

     5 reasons why I’d go back to Hijo

While there are many reasons why I’d go back to a place, may it be because of the place itself, the food or the people. Hijo Resorts got me hooked and saying “I will definitely go back to this place”. It is not your typical resort for various reasons. Here are the 5 reasons why I’d go back to this majestic place at Tagum.

Ancestral Home

     We stayed at the Plantation House, the Ancestral home owned by the Tuazons converted into an accommodation house for tourists alike. The house from the 1920’s has so much edge and character. I am a fan of ancestral houses because for one it holds so many memories and history. It transports you to a whole new dimension and gives you that homey, relaxing and laid back experience. The place was filled with Kublai Milan’s paintings, as he is a good friend of the Tuazons and stays at the Plantation house for vacation or to draw out some inspiration for his paintings. It may strut an old-fashioned facade but does not compromise its amenities.

 Support Local Farmers

     Hijo Resorts is really good at utilization. Upon occupying the land where Hijo Resorts is situated, there have been existing local farmers in the area. Instead of driving them out, they opt to support and work with them. It has been a start of a good partnership. They even entertained business proposals and pitches like the concept of the “Shark Tank” to help the locals in funding their ingenious business ideas.

Homegrown produce

     Farm to table was the concept of Hijo. They serve the freshest and delectable dishes there is. You can taste preservative-free and organic dishes. It really sets them apart from others.  They have their own greenhouse where they source all of their ingredients to produce their mouth watering meals. I also appreciated their effort of infusing local tribal cuisines to their menu. Truly a taste of Davao and Mindanao.

Outdoor Activities

     The plantation tour, forest tour and river tour. Their tours are not only enjoyable but also educational and informational to the smallest of details. The guides were really knowledgeable about the place and its history. You can truly appreciate the place by knowing a jist of its history and I’ve truly appreciated Hijo. My personal favorite was the river cruise. It has a scenic view that is just breathtaking and picturesque. I just feel like a VIP on the motorboat with the wind touching my face and the  peaceful mangrove surrounding  the river. We even encountered some locals fishing and even said hello. What nice people. All that was missing was a glass of champagne and I could do this all day.

Accommodating Staff

     “Here at Hijo we want you to feel like we are family. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed.” Those were the words from Cris, Marketing Manager of Hijo, that made a mark to me. It is one thing to say those words but to actually feel and experience them is another thing. I have never been pampered like the way Hijo pampered us. They were very accommodating and courteous. I know you’d probably heard this over and over again on reviews but the truth is they really are. They never left us the second we stepped in. They gave all our requests and even made some adjustments on our tour depending on our convenience and availability. I mean who does that? Some resorts would have fixed schedules and wouldn’t even give lee way on accommodating such requests. I figured that the staff are so good because the Tuazons are so good as well. We had the rare chance of talking to Mercy and Ramon Tuazon. They were the friendliest.

So that was my 5 reasons why I’d want to go back to Hijo. Take me back to Hijo!

-The Wonder Boy

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