Small Dots

Small Dots

Hey. It’s been a while since my last personal blog. Haven’t been much lately. Nothing exciting in my life as of the moment. Just waiting for that right time to that certain climax. It hasn’t even reached an inch yet. Way way far but it’ll get there. We will get there. Have you ever felt that life is moving too fast and slow at the same time? Wow. That was deep. Even for me, that was deep.

Walking towards a high rise building. On my way to the top floor. Elevators slid open, a mild wind gushing towards my face greeted me. A roof deck in a spacious open. I found a chair near the edge. Sat there for a while and took a moment to digest the beautiful clouds moving towards east and that beautiful sunset slowly dimming its light. I step towards the edge and lean my elbows against the hand rails. I looked down. I see dots. Dots that were moving at a slow rate. I see them crossing the pedestrians, walking the sidewalks and some standing still. They look so small. Wait, those are people. It figures, I am way up this high rise building.

Perspective. Funny how perspective changes everything. One moment we were of the same size til I moved to a greater distance, then they became smaller. Everything isn’t proportionate. Everything changes. It has changed by perspective. Kinda like how you perceive a certain situation. If you see a situation as somewhat sad and depressing then everything you think, say or do would have a negative connotation. But if you flip your perspective to see happiness and joy, then everything precedes positives.

The universe may put you in a certain position that is uncomfortable or uneasy and you have no control of it. The best thing to do is go left, go right, go up or go down. Change your perspective. Shift to another mindset. If nothing makes sense, maybe you should move back to see the greater picture or move closer to understand. We have a choice. We are not stuck with only one option. We are greater than that. We have the ability to transcend and turn out to be good.  We are smart critical thinkers that could go out from any fucked up situation and still come out victorious. That’s what we are. We are champions. If all else fail and the situation is unbearable then MOVE. You are not a rock.

We are just a spec in this universe. A small dot compared to a skyscraper. But looking back, those small dots actually made those skyscraper. They made this high rise building. Amazing isn’t it? How we are able to reach for greatness. How we are capable of magis.

I leaned forward to see a closer look. And then.. I fell. Just when I was about to hit the ground. I woke up. Woke up to the chirping birds hanging in the cable wires just outside my window. It was a dream. A really deep dream.

We ought to change perspective. We ought to think differently.

After all, we are but of small dots.

-The Wonder Boy

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