Davao Bloggers Society turns a new leaf

Davao Bloggers Society turns a new leaf

     Davao Bloggers Society is a nonprofit organization that has been the premier blogging community in Davao City since 2006. It has more or less 90 members and continues to grow exponentially. It houses Davao grown bloggers from different niches such as lifestyle, food, beauty, fashion, technology and etc. DBS envisions to become a hub for the development and camaraderie of the entire blogging community in the entire Davao region, in the pursuit of individual and community advancement. And truly it has succeeded as they have bred quality bloggers in Davao.


Davao Bloggers Society Officers 2016

     Just like any other organization, their 2 year term has come to an end and it is time to pass the crown. It has been a fruitful term for the Davao Bloggers Society Officers 2016 as they have achieved milestones and surpassed all the challenges. They have had successful event turnouts such as garage sales, brand events and partnerships. Also, trainings and workshops that has helped their members and non-members acquire and  hone skills such as writing workshop and mini boot camps. A commendable term indeed.

     Their #dbstravelsquad was also quite a success as they’ve had the opportunity to explore new places around Mindanao such as nature parks in Toril, plantations in Tagum, beaches of Mati, and Sarangani seas. Watch it here!


Davao Bloggers Society Officers 2018 – 2020: from left to right John Llamas (Events Directors), Roxanne Lacap(Secretary), Teresa Te(Content Director), Athina Angliongto (Treasurer), Claudine Claire Chua (Internal Vice President), Julie Alontaga (President), Sarah Andres (External Vice President), Gem Tadefa (Social Media Director) and Olivia Cena(Special Projects Director).

     Being a member of Davao Bloggers Society, I can say that the organization is in the safest of hands. With the newly elected, competent and driven officers ready to serve and bring the organization to greater heights.  Expect more trainings, programs, events and workshops. We are in for a treat. Excited for the new Davao Bloggers Society and the bright future they bring.

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Photo credits to Davao Bloggers Society

-The Wonder Boy


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