Why I keep coming back to Choi?

So everybody keeps messaging me why Choi Barbers? Why I keep coming back? Is my money worth it?

Why I chose to get a Choi Cut? 

Choi Cut Bundle costs around 240 pesos. I know. I know. It is a bit above the usual compared to the other barbershops here in Davao. But my question to you is, Do they give the exact service that Choi does? Choi cut however is not your ordinary hair cut. They did not coin “ultimate grooming experience” for nothing. They actually give that ultimate grooming experience you’ve been yearning for.

Choi Cut bundle is inclusive of haircut, shampoo, blow dry, hot towel and massage. Now, let’s talk about the 2 latter included in this bundle. The hot towel is just the top of the iceberg ladies and gents. It relieves pressure from a days hard work. A good way to release tension and blow off steam trapped in your body. According to research, hot towel opens pores, softens skin and promotes better circulation. Now, the massage is a different story. I always forget that I’m in a barbershop and not in a spa. They give the most relaxing massage. Without a doubt it reduces stress, pain and muscle tension.

Definitely more than what you paid for. All in one Choi Cut Bundle. What a Choi Man like you deserves. Excellent service guaranteed.


Why they chose to get a Choi Cut?  

I’ve been stalking their page a bit and all I can see are 5 stars and positive feed backs from customers alike. Aside from those review, they also boasts their experienced barbers which I truly am impressed. Any cut you ask for they can deliver. They also know the preference of their customers. Below are just some of the good words from across social media.

Bench Del Puerto Payala wrote on Choi Barbers Facebook Page: “Choi Barbers delivers satisfaction and excellent service to fellas from different background. You won’t feel like a customer, but a respective client. Visit them now. No dull moment and no time wasted. I can vouch you that, bro!”

John Llamas posted on his instagram johndappercloser: “Change your usual barber chair to an ALL-IN grooming throne.”

Gem Tadefa wrote on Choi Barbers Facebook Page: ”I think the 5 stars are not enough”


To end all of those questions and wondering, why don’t you try it yourself. Maybe you’ll find yourself coming back too.

-The Wonder Boy



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