Tina’s Treats

Valentines Day is just tricky eh? You ask why. It just is! I think I am speaking in behalf of  the male population when I say this, Valentines day is stressful. You have to carefully plan for days that indelibly picturesque surprise date without her getting any hint about it. People just put out high standard of expectations. Where do they get this? Where?! Damn you enticing commercial ads and promos. This month is where you have to find that perfect gift for your special someone. She may not explicitly say it but deep down inside there are some expectations. And that expectations are raised super high with extravagant gift ideas here and there.

Tina’s treats

Go big or go home is the trend in this month’s celebration. But I’d prefer the classics. Simple. Sweet. That’s what came into mind when I first tasted Tina’s Chocolates. You heard that right. There’s is a new chocolate provider in town. She makes simple but sweet cocoas that are surely unforgettable. My oh my what delectable sweets. Chocolates with a twist. It also comes in a cute package that will surely put a smile on someone face. For more details contact Tina Nandwani of Tina’s Treats

Different flavors from Rose chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Nuts, Peppermint White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Coconut filling, Dark Chocolate with Cherry Rum and Dark Chocolate with Coconut.

Box of 5 = P75 | Box of 8 = P110 | Box of 12 = P175

 Photos courtesy of BR Productions

In this month’s celebration, let us not forget the true meaning of Valentines. Spreading love. Cheesy.. I am not liking how this month is turning me into. But seriously bid goodbye to those extravagant and lavish gifts. Keep it simple but sweet. Express rather to impress.

Happy Valentines everyone.

-The Wonder Boy

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