CBTL’s 2018 Giving Journal

     It is that time of the season again. Christmas is fast approaching. We just set up our Christmas tree at home. Lights lit up the stairs. Garlands embellished our windows. Decorations. I can feel the Christmas spirit in the air. Everybody’s excited! Who isn’t? But more than the Christmas trees, lights, garlands and decorations; Beyond all of it, the true spirit of Christmas is the spirit of giving.
     The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf launches their 10th Giving journal to commence the tradition of giving here at SM Lanang, Davao branch. CBTL promotes generosity. It is not called tradition of giving for nothing. A portion of the sales would be given to Real Life Foundation. This foundation is set out to helping those less fortunate youth by providing them education scholarships. What sets them apart from others is aside from education, they also provide guidance and counseling ensuring that their scholars would go to the right path. Not only do they support financially but also character development. They have also been an inspiration to share and give to those who are really in need. They have produced outstanding scholars that has and have been making big waves in their respective industries.
     Everyone has a dream. Everyone has a goal. But not everyone has the means to fulfill those dreams. Not everyone is fortunate. Each one of us has different circumstances. Each one has a different story to tell. If we just give them a chance. If they just have the opportunity. If we give them hope. They could turn their lives upside down and make better of themselves. Be a part of this tradition of giving. And remember that on the other side of that gift, A person’s life will forever be changed because of  You.
     The 2018 Giving Journal speaks loudly  filled with inspirational quotes that will surely keep me going throughout the year. It boasts its new and modern designs Blue, Gray, Green and Customizable accented with white and gold. Well obvious choice for me, Blue! Favorite color.. But if you’re up for coloring and feeling creative pick the customizable. As usual, it comes with lots of discount coupons you could use whole year round in any CBTL branch.  Hurry! Collect the 10 stamps and plan your year with CBTL’s 2018 giving journal.   Here’s to your best 2018 yet.
The 2018 Giving Journal comes in four designs (Blue, Grey, Green & Customizable)
Ofcourse I picked the Blue One. My favorite color!
Have fun with their free stickers.
Did I mention it also has free coupons..
Get more organized.


     Leave a legacy or tradition. We were challenged by Ms. Nella to make a pledge. This year I would like to repeat what my mom and I did last last year. We received 10 pouches from Maa, Davao City jail. These pouches were made with shining crystal beads handcrafted by the detainees of the said place. Inside of these unassuming pouches were simple wishes. One goes like this “Dear Ma’am/ Sir, hiling ko po ngayong pasko ay tatlong yellow t-shirt pang-uniform, radyo maliit at sabong panlaba. Salamat po. God Bless.” Right then and there it struck me. All these simple things that we take for granted means so much to others. We are so blessed we do not even realize it. The least we could do is share. Be generous and selfless and spread those blessings. So we bought all those simple requests and fulfilled those wishes. It felt great. Cloud9. Giving a part of yourself to othesr. In our own little way we made someone smile. We made someone happy. That is something to think about and ponder.
Make someone smile today. Make someone happy. #2018GivingJournal #TraditionOfGiving
-The Wonder Boy

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