Pastel City: Take it lightly

“The more you let go, the higher you rise.”

I have been juggling many things lately. Bombarded with projects and a lot of jobs. Time constrained duties I need to fulfill. Chill, Jeff. Chill. “One task at a time” I said to myself. I think I bit more than I can chew. Hey, it is okay to be ambitious but it is also okay to acknowledge that sometimes it is more than you can manage. It’s not too late to set things straight. What I did was to calm and collect myself. I took out my planner and laid out my plans for the week. I organized my tasks from high priority to the least. Also synchronize them with my existing schedule so that it would not interlap. Schedule is key ladies and gents. And… Jeff is breathing once again. I admit it that sometimes I tend to go overboard but I think it is fine. It is better than having no plans and ideas at all. Don’t you agree? Go big or go home as they say. What’s worse is that I want perfectly done. Well, that’s just me. It’s hard being a control freak and obsessive compulsive. I should really let go and take thing more lightly. I should be as chill as this fun shoot I did with Joey Chio (check out his instagram).

Slightly falling in love with pastel. I’m not actually a fan of bright and flashy colors but pastel is just the perfect palette for me. High value in color but low to intermediate value in saturation. I’m slowly kinda diggin it. I should get more of these in my closet. Aside from winter wardrobe, my closet is also dominated with blacks, whites and dark hues. I think that pastel would even that out. I’m also trying to achieve that pastel look in my instagram and I really don’t know where it  is going. Hahaha.. On the other note here is a pastel blue shirt I bought from New Zealand for only $5.

Shirt – K-mart | Jogger Pants – Cotton On | Shoes – Nike

Take it easy. Take it lightly.

-The Wonder Boy

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