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     I have been advocating to support our local products from all around the Philippines. Why not? We are rich in raw materials necessary for any production. Philippine market could produce as much quality as the outside competition. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Purchasing a good product with sound quality and helping local communities at the process. Social responsibility people. In efforts to promote local, entrepreneurs from all over the Philippines teamed up to form Koleksyon Trunk Show with local brands such as Clavel, Crystal Seas, Whim, Karlton, Leather & Feet, Heyday, Penart by Tanya Gaisano, Karton Coasters & Wear to Next.

     One of the products that really caught my attention was Heyday Ph. This unassuming simple brand surprised me. How? I never thought that their product would be made out of water lily leaves. You know those things that are floating in the pond, the water lilies. Yes! You’ve heard it right. These clade of plants turned into a bag and what not. You are probably wondering how they made it.

     Proud Dabawenyas Joy Gamboa, Marketing graduate from Ateneo de Davao/ Fashion design graduate from SoFa, and Angela Diano, Psychology graduate from De La Salle, found a supplier that converts water lily leaves into raw materials and immediately saw potential. They thought that this could be something else and could be more than just  a furniture. Remember the flooding in Manila? I’m sure that didn’t skip your memory. Well, apparently one of the main causes of flooding in certain places in Manila was the clogging of drainage system and most of it due to water lilies. This bad situation turned into a good one is a perfect description.What Heyday Ph did was injecting creativity, ingenuity and fashion into their products. They locally sourced these materials from a producer in Northern Luzon that was carefully processed in the production house. Then handcrafted by the local communities, which gives them livelihood, ensuring that it is thoroughly made with quality, durability and love. Who would’ve thought that water lilies could be a bag? What a transformation I might say. As the cliche saying goes “You could be anything you want to be”. So the water lily leaves became a bag. Amazing how they utilize that certain scenario and made it into an entrepreneurial venture. Thinking outside the box eh? Outputs of this ingenuity are simple yet classic designer bags. Be one of the first to strut out these stylish bags.

Angela Round Sling Bag (Yellow) 

Dolly Handbag (Sky Blue and Orange)

Angela Round Sling Bag (Blue)

Dawn Handbag (Draw String)

Aside from these stylish bags (more of it at, they also produce durable homeware such as trays and placemat, and trendy vest apparel. Want to check it out personally? Catch their upcoming trunk shows in Manila at Heyday Facebook page.

Photo credits to Heyday Ph.

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-The Wonder Boy

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