I am reincarnated.

     Does anyone of you believe in reincarnation? Rebirth? Transmigration of the soul? Being born in a new body? Well I do. This may sound weird but I do believe in it. I’ve always been fond of supernatural, mundane, magic, and mystic. I sometimes get fragments of memory that I do not remember where I picked it up. I’ve dreamt of places I’ve never been before. I feel connections that doesn’t makes sense. This is probably watching too much television but deep down I know I am someone before. Life is a cycle after all. I believe that I was once a person. A person who lives in a country where winter is the main weather. A professor or a journalist perhaps. That is only my hypothesis based on what my dreams have been showing me. I don’t know. Maybe I just mixed it up reality from fantasy or I’m just confused. I have a really wild imagination. Nonetheless reincarnated or not I would definitely declare myself as an old soul. I love retro indie music and fashion, something that just revolves around that 60’s – 80’s era. I believe those stuff just comes back and never gets old. The classic. Even if it gets old to others apparently it doesn’t for me.

     In connection to me living in a winter dominated country, If you would raid my closet right now you would find some pieces that resembles to winter apparel or clothes meant for a cold place. Some of my friends judge me because hello this isn’t a winter country, this is Philippines. But the hell with it, I am really comfortable wearing them. Long sleeves shirts, wool jackets and knitted cardigan. Oh gosh I could go on and on. My smile is up my ears right now just describing those clothes. I swear they are really comfortable especially those baggy cotton jacket. Fave! I find it comforting to wear something not body hugging and loose clothes because it not only gives me that relax mindset but also a chill aura. Aiming for that approachable and friendly aura guys. Whatever you decide to wear, comfortability is priority. You don’t want to look so fashionable but feel crappy at the end of the day. I don’t always wear those oh so comfortable cardigans and jackets everyday (I wish could though), because it’s not suitable to the weather. I wish the Phils starts to snow SOON.

Jacket – Steve & Barry’s | Shirt – Hanes | Pants – Baleno | Boots – Urban.equip | Watch – Cotton on

Would you believe I was just in the Phils? Amazing how editing can do and change how you perceive a portrait. Shots were taken by the awesome Joey Chio and edited/ tweaked a little by yours truly. Did we capture that fall / into the woods theme we were aiming for?

I wonder where my dreams would take me next. That was Jeff with a splash from his past.

I am reincarnated.

-The Wonder Boy


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