The Passion of the Spirit and Soul

     What comes into mind when we talk about passion? I can think of a lot of things talking about passion. Music, artistry, calligraphy, photography, acting, dancing, singing and a lot more. Passion according to Merriam Webster is a “strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something”. It is doing something you love. Something you don’t mind spending a lot of time. Something that you enjoy even if you are alone. Not a care in the world. Getting lost in your passion. Passion of the spirit and the soul. An escape

     So I attended this event yesterday, October 21, 2017, called Trip Scape. Ginebra San Miguel Incorporated team’s launching of their newest spirit in the market: Añejo Gold Medium Rum . It is made from alcohol that has been aged in oak barrels for 12 years, and blended with high quality ingredients. This 67.5 proof rum is blended to perfection with the finest imported spirits and superior ingredients that makes a well balanced and feel right drink. I can state all of the facts here but it is way better if you tasted it yourself. I’ve  already tasted it and the verdict? Well, I love it! The taste is not too strong and not too weak as well. It is just the right amount of hit. Not too be biased but I love rum especially when it is mixed with soda or juice. Oh my gosh! I can imagine mixing it and blending my own mojito, piña colada or daiquiri. So many possibilities! And funny thing is? No hangovers, well in my case. Just right folks. It is just right. Not too wasted but not too sober as well. It endulges chill drinking and an escape.

      I later realized that I was in a room surrounded by a sea of the most talented Davaoeños there is. Davao artists that showcased their passion namely Resa Embutin (Digital Artist), John Amor (Visual Artist/ Illustrator), Joey Chio (Photographer) and live art by Davao Pen Society (Calligraphy/ Live Demo) which by the way put out an awesome artwork. Singer composers Maan Chua, Ceejay Sagarino and Jad Montenegro also performed with their breathtaking pieces. I could not stop my head from bobbing and my body from dancing awkwardly (not a great dancer by the way) but that’s what great performers do. They touch other people’s souls and spread their passion. I can see the flames and spark within them. Like how does these people exist? They are so talented I cannot even put to words how I am in awe. For a second there I forgot about everything. Forgot about the problems in life. Forgot about where I am. I was just there. I was feeling the music. Feeling the passion. Sipping my Añejo and escaped from reality. Enjoyed some of the greatest companies. This night will be unforgettable. Kudos to Ginebra San Miguel Incorporated Team for a successful product launching. You nailed it. You really captured the essence of passion tonight.

   I, for one, am passionate about the things I do. I am passionate about blogging. I am passionate about influencing good and optimism. I am passionate about photography (well, I try). I mean that is where it all started from trying and cultivating your craft. That’s when you realize that you are passionate about something if you are eager to learn and perfect your craft. I mean what’s the point of doing it if you do it halfheartedly. Might as well dive in to it and take a plunge into your passion. It is an escape. It makes life better. Doing your passion isn’t only for yourself. It could also influence other people. They could draw inspiration out of your passion and you being passionate about it. For instance this article, well I am listening to Ceejay Sagarino’s music right now, by the way I am officially a fan, and I was inspired to write and blog. That’s how powerful our passion is. We could inspire other people and elevate them in so many ways.

      So what are you waiting for? Have a sip of Añejo. Do what you enjoy. Do what you love. Do what your heart tells you. Do what you are passionate about. Do you.

Ignite the fire. Ignite the passion.

Photo credits to Joey Chio

-The Wonder Boy

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