Boo! Of jack o’ lanterns and candies

The staple halloween for most of you are of jack o’ lanterns, candies and scary costumes. Jack o’ lanterns for some of you who don’t know are pumpkins with carved scary faces and candle inside of it to bring about that dramatic halloween effect. This haunting, terrifying yet fun night is seldom celebrated here in the Philippines. For Davao, it is only observed in malls, restaurants, bars and in a few subdivisions. It saddens me to think that this night is not that celebrated. I, for one, am a fan of Hallow’s Eve because why not?

What to look forward this Halloween? Oh boy, let me tell you what. I had simple celebrations of halloween in the past years. I just binge watch some of my favorite horror films and search for new movies as well. Nothing special just chips and booze with some of my relatives or close friends. It isn’t that scary and thrilling as I would want it to be. What about we change our game this coming halloween? Let’s spend it differently outside of our usual thing. Did you know about handuraw 2017?

This will not be your typical Halloween Celebration. For one, location. The event is located at Malagos Garden Resort. One key to a successful event is its location and I believe Malagos would be the perfect location for the Hallow’s Eve. Open grounds with haunting trees and some creepy noises in between. Just perfect. What can I say? I’m a man who loves thrills. Another highlight would be Davao Ngilngig Films Premiere Night. Some local directors, producers and actors teamed up to produce great films. Horror films derived from Davao Horror tales and stories. For me, it is much more scarier than foreign films because it is relatable to Davaoenos and Filipinos. What got me excited even more, as though that wasn’t enough, was performances from indie artists such as Crwn, She’s Only Sixteen, Clara Benin, Jess Connelly, Jensen and the flips, Anne Mendoza and Rj Manulid. I am actually listening to Jess Connelly right now. Some great artists right there. The place will be filled with talented people of different colors. I am so excited! Did I mention that you also have all access to resort attractions, local arts/ merchandise bazaar, and Malagos Neon playhouse. Can’t wait to enjoy the night full of terror, food and music. If you have concerns on how to get there, they have pre-arranged transportation. Have I got you hooked? To know more visit their Facebook page Malagos Garden Resort.

Proudly Dabawenyo. Proudly Local. Let us help push Davao tourism even further.

Credits to Malagos Garden Resort for the photos.

-The Wonder Boy

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