Social media likes shouldn’t equate to your self worth.

“Share how your day went”. This was the message prompted by facebook when I opened it’s application on my phone. So I pondered on how my day really went? Well for those of you who cares, my day is just like any other day. I woke up particularly early, watched some television and went to the gym. Should I give in to the temptation of publicizing my day? Would anybody even like my status? Then it got me really thinking, do likes really matter? What is it’s bearing?

In today’s modern age, I believe everybody has an account in facebook, instagram and twitter. We post our feelings, opinions, events, selfies, wefies (group selfie), and what not. It is so much fun getting reaction and comments from people that you haven’t talked to in a while and stirring up a chat box on your comment section. Like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry. These are just some of the additions on facebook and it is a hit for the netizens. One night, I caught myself updating my instagram every now and then just to see if there is an increase of likes on my recent post. Like seriously? Have I become that person I loathe before? Will I become this shallow and self absorbed prick who forces other people to like their posts?

I am writing this one because I’ve encountered an alarming situation while writing a blog post in a coffee shop. A girl, college student I assume, said out loud “Wala naglike ng post ko, walang nagmamahal sa akin”. Joke or not, this is the reality for some. Social media likes shouldn’t equate to your self worth. I know some of you  may mix this up but you shouldn’t. For one you should  not search validation in social media. I get that it feels good to get a lot of attention on a post that you crafted yourself, especially when it is bombarded with likes, comments and shares. I totally get that. I do feel the same thing. Butterflies in my stomach every time someone likes my posts. Somebody took a part of their time to view my photo or read my status. Somebody appreciated me today. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is equating social media likes to your self worth. By the word itself self worth, it comes and emanates from thy self. You should not be dependent on the social media attention to feel your value. By all means post anything you like or feel (but think before you click). If somebody likes it, cool, and if no one likes it, it’s okay. The important thing is you’ve expressed yourself and said your piece. We cannot control the reactions of other people. You’ll just be frustrated expecting from others. What we can control is ourselves. Likes, comments and shares are just bonuses.

Strip all of the comments. Strip all of the shares. Strip all of the likes. That’s when you see your real value. That’s when you appreciate yourself. When you stop revolving your world around social media and seeking validation on the wrong places. Actually, you should never seek validation else where. You should know your worth. Once you start noticing your value, then everybody will.

You are worthy. You are valuable.

-The Wonder Boy

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