Davao Fashion Weekend 2017

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” — Ralph Lauren

I stumbled upon this quote by Ralph Lauren and it struck me. I am a man with no specific labels and brands in mind. I am easily pleased with the right fabric and fit. As long as it looks good on me, I have no problem strutting a branded or unknown brand. The important thing for me is I’ve expressed my style. In line with this, Davao has come a long line of history when it comes to fashion. It really has a lot of potential if we just explore possibilities and utilize our ancestral culture.

The event 

Davao Fashion Weekend started with a runway show held on August 6, 2017 at Abreeza Malls. They first showcased “Kadayawan Faces” with the makeup brand Artistry. Next was the high street fashion from Abreeza’s own brands. What impressed me was the creations of Davao Fashion Design Council with their interpretation of the 11 Kadayawan tribes of Davao. Also, I was totally caught off guard with the mesmerizing pieces inspired by Ann Pamintuan. It totally resembled with  the world-renowned furniture designs. I am no designer but I appreciated the similitude and inspiration drawn out by the designers and it clearly reflected with their breathtaking works. The details of the clothes was totally off the charts. It is actually my first time to witness a fashion show up close and it never disappointed. I am excited with where Davao Fashion is going. They are truly moving forward and breaking boundaries.



Photos taken by Jowe Posadas

The wardrobe

Wear something you are comfortable with. Wear something that reflects your style. Wear YOU.  Unless there is a stated dress code, it is an opportunity to dress up and be you. I think everyone should express themselves in any form, may it be style. I’ve chosen to wear something comfortable, not too dressed down but not too formal as well. White long sleeve polo from Sahara and khaki pants from SM Department Store. White sneakers from Milanos to go with my polo and fedora hat to complete my look.

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Photos taken by Verna Abril

-The Wonder Boy

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