8 things you need for an Australian Visitor Visa

Hello there, Mate! Australia is one of the most talked about destinations for Filipinos with their tourist destinations such as Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and many more.

I received a lot of queries on the process of getting an Australian Visa. Some assumed that it is a lot of hard work. Well actually it is quite easy. You just need to follow the instructions indicated at the Australian Government Border site. Visa requirements may vary from the the passport you are holding to the purpose of your visit. As for an aspiring visitor like me, I applied for the Visitor Visa (subclass 600). You are eligible for this visa if your purpose are as follows: as a visitor, for business visitor activities and to visit a family. You can stay up to three, six or twelve months depending on the granted visa. The base application for this visa ranges from AUD 140 to AUD 1020.

1. Immi account

You need to create an immi account in order to lodge an application for your visitor visa. You will fill up all the necessary information and you can upload all your attachments in this account.

2.Evidence of Birth or Age

You will also have to attach evidence of birth or age such as scanned birth certificate and identification cards so that they can cross check whether or not all you’ve encoded in the application are truthful.

3. Work Experience

You must submit documents of your work experience such as Employment Contract and Certificate of employment to prove that you do not plan to over extend your stay as you have to go back to the Phils due to commitments and attachments.

4.Invitation Letter

This one is also crucial if your main purpose is to visit a relative. Invitation letter sent by your relative/sponsor vouching that they are really inviting you to visit. Attach as well their supporting documents such as identification cards.

5. Financial Capacity

Attach proofs that you are financially capable to fund your trip to Australia such as bank statements or passbooks.

6. Travel History

If you are a frequent traveler like me then travel history would really help your application. This strengthens your purpose to only visit the country. Further you have no intentions of over staying and you’ve been a law abiding traveler. In my case, I attached my expired passport with entry and exit stamp pages from other countries I visited.

7. Travel Document

I’ve presented my passport and made sure that it is valid 6 months before the travel period. I even renewed my passport just to be safe. I also submitted my airline ticket with a return period.

8. Evidence of Asset

It would also be an advantage if you have assets in your name like title deeds, car registration, business registration and etc.

Make sure that all the information in your application is correct and accurate with the attachments. Afterwards, pay via debit card or credit card. In my experience, I’ve received my Australian Visitor Visa after a week of my application submission but waiting period vary from case to case.

So that was it! The 8 things you need for an Australian Visitor Visa. Hope this write up is helpful. Enjoy your Aussie Trip!

-The Wonder Boy

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