Under construction: It’s okay not to figure all things out yet.

I am currently sitting at the corner of one of my favorite coffee shops. Listening to my newly discovered Lauv playlist and sipping a grande of artisanal chocolate. I glanced outside the glass pane and the view is a condominium building under construction.  The crane lifting a heavy steel. Some workers assembling pipes and carrying blocks of cement while some are polishing the details of finished floors. It is still a work in progress. It still has a long way to go. Then it made me ponder and got me thinking.. Under Construction.

I guess there comes a time in our life where we feel that there is that void space in us. There’s that certain hole that needs to be filled. We don’t know the specifics but it is there. It is present. A big black hole dangling inside of you. Am I happy where I am right now? Contented? Satisfied? Well, I guess we ask these questions to ourselves mainly because we know that we are destined to be somewhere. We are meant to be in a specific spot but we couldn’t pin point what it is. Maybe not right now but someday. Second guessing yourself and your position in life right now is okay. Believe me, it is okay. It is simply for the reason of self awareness. Those feelings are coming out because it has something to tell you. You just have to make sense of it and believe that the universe has prepared something for you. Something to look forward to. Something worth waiting. You may not understand it at the moment but it will come. Trust that it will come. The universe will conspire and it will come.

WIP. An accounting term which means ”work in progress”. If only I could hang a sign in my body or thought bubble made visible that says ”work in progress”. Everybody is expecting something of you. Some have it figured out. Living their life. Getting their dream jobs. Finding their soulmates and getting married. Some, like me, are still figuring things out. You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody. You don’t owe them anything. There’s nothing wrong in being a WIP. We live in different time zones with different circumstances and different destinies. Basically, we are different from each other and I find it really unfair if you compare yourself to others. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Stop comparison.

The condominium construction is just like you. Just like me. Just like everybody. We are all under construction. We may not notice it but we are changing, others subtle and others grand. We are susceptible to change. That is part of life. As what my father said to me, the only permanent thing in this world is change. Change is vital in our growth and evolution. Embrace change. Embrace being a work in progress. Embrace every bit of life.

I am under construction and it is okay.

-The Wonder Boy

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