A piece for peace.

I dream of a place where peace is long-lasting and never-ending. Where it is not only a mere concept but an actual reality. Where Eirene (Greek Goddess of Peace) dominates and Aries (Greek God of War) is neglected. Where there are no hates but only love. Laughter and giggles I would hear. Running free in the vast fields. Smiles. Glistening of the eyes. Genuine pure happiness and a good peaceful life.

Then suddenly I woke up to noises.  Deafening noises. Crying, screaming, gunshots and explosions. There is no order. There are no rules. Everything is a mess. Everything is chaos. Look at our world and pause for a moment. Are we really living in a world like this?

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It is ironic how we celebrate Philippine Independence day  but war is going on. We have been freed from the Spaniards but are we free? Are we really free from war? It has been all over the news about the stunt of the Maute group. It gave me chills when I heard about the situation in Marawi, Philippines. Kidnapping, Terrorism and Bloodshed. Waged war against the Military Government. Declaration of Martial law has been announced. Everyone is fighting for something they believe in but you do not have the right to invoke or force your belief on someone. Further, you do not have to go against anybody’s will. We have freedom but we should not abuse it. By all means exercise what you believe in but not at the expense of another, of their lives. We could resort to a much more calm approach.Peaceful talks. Peaceful conversations. We should not engage in rampaging that would and could destroy innocent lives, cities, and countries. We should not escalate what could have been prevented. I could not fathom the feelings of the victims and their loved ones of these acts. Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with you. Hold on. Be strong. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

As Filipinos, we must stand united amidst all of this. Despite of our difference, we must find our similarities. Despite of our divisions, we must find common grounds. Despite of everything that sets us apart, we should find that one thing that unites us. Humanity. That is our similarity. That is our common ground.

This is not a battle cry. This is not a call for war. This is a piece for peace.

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-The Wonder Boy

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