The Php 1,000.00 challenge.

The wonders of retail. How does it really work? We all want to get that good buy and money’s worth when spending for clothes but it’s really hard especially when there are tons of clothing outlets out there. Should I opt for the known and expensive or the generic and affordable? This dilemma has been a discussion of many. I’m not a retail expert to tell you honestly but most of the time I could hit those sweet spots of finding great pieces.

One day I dared my good mates to help me shop some clothes worth 1,000 pesos for our Ilocos trip (watch out, watch out). Yes, I know a thousand for clothes good for 3 days?  I must be delusional, right? I believe it is attainable or at least I thought so (there goes the naive me again). Anyway we went to my personal favored spot where I can find almost everything I want and prefer. I find it really convenient buying things such as clothes, apparels and so much more. The store encompasses various kinds of brands like I don’t have to jump from store to store just to find a good fit. Any guesses? They’ve got it all for you. You guessed right, It’s SM City Davao Department Store specifically in Ecoland. By the way they have an Independence sale this June 12 up to 70% discount. Check them out!

So we wandered around and put tons of clothes in my basket. Believe me when I say “tons”, like about 15 pieces or more.  Who else shops like me? Selects so many but chooses only a few. Funny thing though cause in the dressing room you could only fit 4. Why?! I’m not gonna steal it. Haha.. The fitting goes on and on. At last! I have finally found the perfect pieces. Personal picks for today are Baleno, Men’s Club and Coco Republic.

Probably by now you have established that I am not a brand conscious kind of guy. Yes! I am not. As long as it looks good, the fit is perfect, and the style goes with my taste then I really don’t have a problem whatever brand that is. For me brand is just name. It’s more on what you are comfortable wearing. Don’t be a brand slave! Well that’s just me and I am not criticizing someone who is brand loyal.

Here is a sneak peak of the fabrics that I got from my so called “thrift shopping”.

Tip: Horizontal Stripes can make you look thin.

Giving tips like I’m a pro but I actually have basis on that. The Helmholtz Illusion applied in fashion proposes that horizontal lines appear taller and narrower compared to vertical lines.

Well guys sorry to disappoint but the 1,000 peso challenge turned out to be a 2,000 peso challenge. What a shocker! I bought 6 items that’s worth 3 days of the tour and they are all good buy. I swear or do I? Haha.. Justifying my expenses. Well you just have to judge for yourself on my next blog as I feature them. Any suggestions on where to thrift shop in Davao next?  In the Philippines? Comment below.

-The Wonder Boy

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