First Hey!

Hey! It’s my first ”Hey” here in social media as a content writer. Content writer? It even sounds weird and not legitimate when I say it. It is every bit as exciting as it is nerve-wracking, I mean who wouldn’t feel this way? Opening yourself up to the  world and knowingly they would  have opinions about what you write. But then I’ve realized that whatever you put out there, good or bad, they would still have opinions. Thus this blog begins.  I’ve finally gave in to people around saying I should start writing which is not a a problem because I am fond of doing so. Everybody kept telling me “Akala ko may blog ka?” or ”Wow blogger”. Well, to all those people, here it finally is.  Honestly i’m a bit hesitant about putting up a blog but here goes nothing.


Let me start this by introducing myself. I am Jeff Daryl Cordova Sison. Part Spanish( Yes, cause they colonized us. Most of us are part Spanish actually), looks Chinese but has a 100% big Filipino heart. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Davao. I am a graduate of BS Entrepreneurship at Ateneo de Davao University. I am currently employed as a banker for around 3 years but soon to be unemployed (to be explained in my next blog). Hobbies? I’d probably say jogging (I was a real heavy weight before), binge-watching movies/series, listening to some low key/ indie songs, chilling with some of my close friends and having light/deep conversations and  a new addition “Blogging”. So far that is it. The gist of Jeff Daryl Cordova Sison but so much more.

I started this blog for the main reason of influencing. I want to spread good and optimism throughout every data in cyber world. Cliche? Naive? Yes, you should get used to it because I really am cliche and naive. I believe that there is goodness in all us and that it can be brought out by every person. We just need a bit of nudge in the head or a tap at the back. I hope my posts would be that beacon of change. I also presume true in what they call “Domino Effect”. What you put out to the world can influence others and I have been a witness to this. A simple “Good Morning” to your neighbor could go a long way. We can exist and co-exist you know? Not to be indifferent but really connect. Well here I am, excerpt of what you are going to see on my next blogs. Ranting about random philosophies and ideas. I hope you find my posts relatable and useful as what I would want and intend them to be. See the world in my perspective.

So this is my first ”Hey!”. Why don’t you message me your thoughts and send a hey back.

-The Wonder Boy

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      1. You are welcome!
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        Thank you very much!

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